Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fishing: It's Rock-tober!

I went out on the Pasquotank River on Saturday, October 1st, for the opening day of Striped Bass season. Locally these fish are called Rockfish, or simply Rock.

Within 5 minutes of launching the kayak and getting rid of the mosquitoes swarming around me, I smelled bait.  I zig-zagged upwind, following the smell, until I noticed a small slick followed by some activity near the water's surface.  A quick toss of one of Flathead's bucktail jigs and I was hooked up.

I wrestled the fish to the boat and was initially disappointed to find out it was 17 7/8" long, about 1/8" short of the minimum.  Then I reminded myself that it was a fish and last year I fished many times without so much as a strike.

It's amazing how a change in perspective can change the way you feel about something so simple as lifting a fish into a boat.

The wind kept gusting and with 1-2 foot waves and whitecaps pushing me around, I decided to call it a day.

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