Monday, April 23, 2012

Foam flies are fun!

This is the first fish I have caught on a fly I tied myself.  This is one of the flies in the previous blog entry.

I lost this fly, but had a nice largemouth bass hit the other yellow foam fly in the post.  Unfortunately, he wrapped me up on a piling and broke me off.  Two flies lost, but it was worth it.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fly fishing update

I've been fishing the 5 wt. fly rod quite a bit lately.  I've been catching a few fish, too.  It's been fun fly fishing and I'm hoping that my casting 'practice' will improve once I get a chance to fish the 8 wt. in the salt.  I'm thinking about rigging the 8 wt. up with some of the poppers in my fly box.  My 5 wt. doesn't like to cast them easily, and my casting ability is barely adequate to launch them far enough.

Crappie on the Wooly Bugger

I did have some luck with the black Wooly Bugger on Friday.  This little Crappie was kind enough to ride the hook up and say 'Hello'.

Small largemouth bass in Bostic, NC.

This largemouth bass was caught in Bostic, North Carolina on a Betts black Stone Fly.  I caught four other fish in that pond that day.

Foam Flies

I've had pretty good luck with the Betts black Stone Fly.  I also had a bluegill make off with the white foam ant the first time I fished it.  I decided to tie a few foam flies to supplement the ones I purchased.  I tied up one with a precut ant body, then made a couple more from yellow sheet foam.  I'm quite happy with them, considering they were my first foam flies.

My first popper fly
 I also tied my first popper fly today.  I used a small cork and colored it with markers.  My building steps were all out of order, but I pulled it off anyway.  It better catch fish, because it's not that pretty.

Hopefully I'll have a fishing (catching) report once I get a chance to fish any of these.