Friday, December 16, 2011

Row, row, row

Okay, so I've been incredibly slack on updating this newest blog.  I've been busy training and running.  That's my excuse.  Here's the proof.

See!  I ran a 10-miler, and my feet only FELT like they were going to fall off. Actually it was a bit of tendonitis in my ankles. It was better with ice and rest.

I've been hitting the gym at least twice a week, three times during most weeks. I'm hoping that working on my leg strength in the gym will help with the tendonitis.

I'm becoming an indoor rowing enthusiast. No, really! I'm using the rower (erg) for my warmup and my cardio workout. It's a very enjoyable workout and my cardiovascular fitness is improving rapidly.

I registered on the Concept 2 website ( and use the online logbook to record and rank my rowing workouts. I've performed a couple of 500m sprints and was happy with the results.

Distance     Time     Avg/500m     Estimated Standing     Percentile     Date     Age     Weight    
500M         1:35.5     1:35.5     200 of 557               64th     12/14/2011     41     H

This latest trial was 3.2 seconds faster than my previous, and first, trial. I need to work on my pacing. I'm starting out too fast and hitting the wall with about 100m to go.

I'll keep working on it and I'm sure it will get better.

Okay, that's it for today.