Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January Group Run: "Resolution Solution"

Mike and Sherry hosted the January group run at the Dismal Swamp Bike/Run Path north of South Mills, NC.  Eleven or twelve people attended this run.  It appeared that everyone had a great time.

The morning started out cool at about 32 degrees F with a light westerly wind.  It didn't take long to warm up once you started running, though.  I found myself using the zipper on my jacket to regulate my temperature.  Overall, it was a very comfortable run.

I ran the first half with my wife, Sandy, and our friend Pam.  Too much breakfast made the first two and a half miles somewhat uncomfortable, but by the time we were approaching the Visitor's Center I was feeling much better.

After a quick stop at the Visitor's Center, we headed out on the return leg.  I decided to run this one at a quicker pace to see if my recent strength training had improved my running times.  I was happy to see that I was able to run between 8-8:30/mile pace somewhat comfortably.  This is at least a minute per mile faster than I would normally run, so I was pleasantly surprised and encouraged.

The February group run has already been planned and we will be running from Paul and Pam's house in Edenton. We're looking forward to the run, and the post-run chili.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Group runs

In late November, I had an idea to host a holiday run (Tour De Lights) through some of the more scenic areas of Elizabeth City.  I scouted out a course that would be safe to run at night, and would have the most holiday lights.

Invitations were distributed through Facebook, Daily Mile, and via email.  We ran about 3.5 miles and met afterwards at Muddy's Coffee for coffee, hot chocolate, and conversation.  I think it was enjoyed by all 12 people that participated.

The group expressed an interest in having a monthly group run, so Mike and Sherry Whitehurst will be hosting "The Resolution Solution" on January 14th at the Dismal Swamp bike/run path.  This is the path that runs between the Halstead bridge in South Mills and the Dismal Swamp Visitors Center on Highway 17 North.  There are more details on the run's Facebook page.

Runners and walkers are welcome to join us at 9 AM.  Hope to see some new faces there!