Monday, May 21, 2012

Bluegills and Belgian Cast

I finished cutting the grass and figured I would head down to a local boat ramp with the fly rod and try out my new sinking tip and the green/white Deep Clouser that I tied yesterday.

Wow, what a swirling mass of mayhem that combination was!  It took a few minutes and a Belgian cast to get things working somewhat.  Introducing a double haul helped even more.

I didn't catch any fish on the fly, but I did have a couple of nibbles on the Clouser.  That is a huge milestone because I never catch anything at this ramp.  I guess my luck was pretty good this evening because I put the fly rod up and pulled out the spinning gear and managed to land this bluegill on a Beetle Spin.

This is the largest fish I have ever caught at this ramp.  It's not fishy, but it is close.

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